Friday, July 31, 2009

Think Fresh 09

So, we're on the road to Think Fresh 09. Can't believe it has been a year already since the inaugeral Session!
As we head into our second year of Think Fresh. we're excited to see the momentum it has generated amongst our staff, clients and agency partners.
The invites are in now in the post but if you aren't on our list and live in Melbourne or Sydney, drop us a line.... we might be able to squeeze you in!
This year's theme is THE FUTURE IS NOW and the programme line up is bound to teach us all a few things to help us embrace change today.
here's a bit of a spiel on the speaker at this year's events.
  • Charlie Nelson, Futurist at Foreeechange will be talking about the power of foresight.
  • Justin Baird, Head of Innovation at Google. He's going to give the Google perspective on the next 12 months and what it means for us mere mortals.
  • Billy Tucker, Business Development Director, Microsoft Consumer and online is going to be sharing some of the technologies Microsoft are working on.
  • Graham Christie, Partner at Big Mobile is going to be exploring why 2010 is the year we fully embrace mobile as a marketing channel.
  • Rob Leach, Head of MCn Connect will give us the heads up on what clients should be doing about interactive TV in Australia.
  • Risto Sampola, 3AW's Technology blogger will be taking us through the big innovations across the tech industry that are expected to change the way we engage with brands tomorrow.
  • Kate Kendall, Online editor at Marketing Mag will be talking through the thrills, spills and belly aches of social media.
  • Leigh Terry, OMD's Managing Partner and digital whizz kid will be getting the crowd excited about the big media trends on the horizon and letting us all know what we should be doing now.
  • Toby Dewar, McDonald's Nat Media and Sponsorship Manager is going to give us the Maccas story - how to transform a big business and succeed.
  • Kate Gunby, OMD Insights Director is presenting findings from our latest research on the way different organisations are future proofing themselves against a constantly changing business landscape.

To get us all in the mood over the next 4 weeks till kick off... we'll be posting up thoughts and noodlings on the theme THE FUTURE IS NOW...

indeed it is.

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