Friday, November 20, 2009

iZine for the iPhone

I remember when Ezines were all the rage... not sure if this is still what people call online magazines but this is a beautiful example of an Izine... yup, magazine for your iPhone.
Check out the video...


Dave K said...

hey there Trudi,

I think the Swatch ad is my favourite part. Not a not of content other than that, and no real stuff that takes advantage of it being on an iPhone (location, social, shake etc). Still, encouraging..

You seen the Conde Naste video demoing how they might show their content on an Apple Tablet? (turn the sound down first..)

Trudi said...

Cheers Dave,
this is an interesting one as well... a new way of seeing how the magazine model could be turned upside down. Will consumer pay for a collection of articles they want versus buying an entire magazine they only wanted a small portion of?