Monday, December 1, 2008

I'll try that one thanks

I know there has been some ideas a little like this already but sampling is clearly going gangbusters in Shanghai with the opening of an ENTIRE shoppping centre dedicated to the cause. it's called.... wait for it: Sampleplaza !

You pay a one off fee and then a membership on top which is all about AUS $25 and then you go sampling... we're talking a little more than a sachet of soap here too...

Sure there are the FMCG products there's a whole lot more including cosmetics, techy items and even roses. They also talk about new things on their blog so you can see when to get down for the latest new stuff. All Sampleplaza members are able to take home 5 products every time you go there, so,what's the catch you ask?
You need to feedback on the products you take home which gets fed back into the manufacturers... What a great way to get people excited about new stuff and get them talking about it although if consumers don't like something, wonder what they do with all the unwanted stuff?

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