Monday, January 12, 2009

Guide for the Value Hunters

It must be a sign of the times. I was enjoying my Sunday Herald Sun over a cup of coffee yesterday when I came across a new editorial page - Value Hunter.

I discovered Value Hunter is a new consumer advocacy page that will run in the News Ltd Sunday newspapers. News Ltd state the aim of the page is to "provide practical information on how to save money".
Consumer rights is not a new editorial theme - it would be about half of the stories that run on Today Tonight's - but the information to help save readers money, in the form of a regular page is surely a reaction to the current economic climate.
Sunday's page including stories such as 'How it pays to save', which included tips to live with in our means, 'Haggle hard for bargains', and 'Cheap ways to entertain the kids'.

For advertisers there is also a strip ad placement on the page carrying a Value Hunter discount offer.
You can look out for ways to save money in your Sunday Herald Sun/Sunday Telegraph next week or visit the Value Hunter blog.

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