Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OMD's future gallery opens up in Melbourne

what better way to see out the end of a Monday than a champagne toast to interesting-ness.

In the last few days our ideation room, AKA The White Room turned into OMD's Future Gallery space and we've invited all our friends and colleagues to come step inside and time travel over the next 2 weeks.
As you can see it was rousing affair full of air kissing and inspiration....

What's going on there:
-There's the Timeline wall (2010 to 2040)showcasing what ideas are becoming extinct and what is about to evolve.
-A bunch of inspiring case studies to warm the cockles and make you wish 'you'd done that'
-Classic quotes to steal and throw into your 'future' presentations
-A video corner to get yourself up to speed on stats, facts, social media, techy comms and case studies
-A digital radio to plough through and check out fly by night stations like Pink Radio (yes, pink the singer)

It's a living breathing space to enjoy, write thoughts down or share a few opinions on the walls.

Come get it whilst it's hot!

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