Monday, August 17, 2009

Reach out & touch me

The keyboard may well become redundant in the face of the growing use of touchscreens within personal computers, according to a new survey by market researcher NPD’s DisplaySearch.
The report estimates that the touchscreen market will almost triple by 2015, from $3.6bn to $9bn.

Touch screen penetration has been rapidly increasing in mobile phones, portable navigation devices, gaming and other applications. Over the next several years, touch screens will undergo strong growth in large-size applications, such as retail, ticketing, point of information and education/training.

Touch screen PC's are available now , but techie bloggers are hanging for the Apple tablet.

The next Windows release - Windows 7 will offer a lot for touchscreen users & help drive uptake.

Will this spell the end of the keyboard and possiblying even typing?

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Rob Pyne said...

Well, as I sit and write this, the idea of trying to type on the screen seems odd? Maybe touch screens will alter the ergonomics of office work? I hope so as humans aren't designed to sit on chairs or at desks.

I'd like to develop a PC that knew what you were thinking (surely can't be that far off!) so you could just lie down and work without moving.