Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I dare you

In the charity category where consumers are increasingly fatigued and females are generally more responsive, two male health causes stand out to me.
Firstly in Movember which does great job at raising funds and awareness for male health issues, and making a the Mo cool again by getting guys involved.
The latest is daredallion week which is challenging men to do a dare, to raise awareness and funds for the cancer council and their fight against men's cancers.
Cancer remains one of the biggest killers of Australian men, costing more than 20,000 lives each year. Prostate cancer alone is responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths each year – equal to the number of women who die from breast cancer. It just doesn't get the same level of media coverage, awareness and fund raising support.
This campaign is build on the insight that men are competitive.
The Daredallion site allows you to challenge a friend to a dare - such as BE Michael Jackson for a day - clothes, voice, dancing, moon walking..... Intresting it is mainly people daring others - I love the viral element of that.
It has a dare generator for those without the imagination to think one up. Those excepting the dare, have their details posted to keep them honest. Also tapping into the need to share you antics you can up a video of you completing your dare.
As this campaign has really grabbed my attention I have registered myself .
Thanks to the dare generator my dare is Wear 80's exercise gear to work and three times in the day play "lets get physical" and jazzercise your way to a healthier life.
But only if I reach the $200 target.
You can help support me and get me to complete my dare by making a secure online donation using your credit card. Click on the link below: http://national.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/personalPage.aspx?SID=100482 Not only will you be helping to change the future face of men's health, you'll also get to see me make a fool of myself in the process! Feeling inspired by my bravery? Visit http://www.daredallion.com.au/ and take on the challenge yourself. Any other guys you would like to form a team, please let me know - come on OMDers!
I appolgise in advance to those attending the meetings with me on Friday 6th March, who will be subjected to this craziness.


RobPyne said...

Nice one David, I have got the ball rolling with a donation.

Trudi said...

Dave - we need to spread the word round the office... this is too good to miss!!

lycra I presume