Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A pair of crackers

Two brilliant ideas came across my desk this afternoon, hope you love them as much as me. With thanks to Leigh Terry and James McClelland for passing them on.

1. Last year, Manchester band The Get Out Clause couldn’t afford to make a video for their debut single, so they looked for an alternatives means.

They positioned themselves in front of different CCTV cameras around the city, and performed their single.

After writing to the council and asking for copies of the footage (under UK privacy protection law – if you request a CCTV camera footage and pay a nominal fee they are legally obliged to supply it), they pieced the content together to create their video. To you and I, CCTV cameras were installed to keep our streets safe, but without seeing those barriers that we tend to put up, the younger generation are being more creative with the tools available to them.

2. The rotating tower, Dubai. Each of the 80 floors rotates at a different speed creating infinite possibilities. Selling off the plan now, so go for it, as long as you don't get dizzy and accidentally buy one of the faster rotating floors!

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