Thursday, February 12, 2009


I love it when these stories come out of the woodwork.. some kooky but kind of entrepreneurial individual comes up with an idea that has a short sharp shelf life to make a few extra bucks for themself and a bucketload of PR on the way.

In the spirit of The Million Dollar Homepage and the one red paper clip guy, let me introduce you to

His name is Jason and his idea is to wear a different companies t shirt every day across 2009. For this privilege he is charging each brand, the equivalent cost of that day's number in the year. So Jan 1 was $1 and Dec 31 will be $365. This means he is going to receive a total income from this venture of $66,600. Not bad eh for very little work.

Seems he has received a fair chunk of PR from some fairly reputable news sites.. NY Times, The Guardian, yes, people are chatting about.

Can't argue he is thinking fresh. If you do want to check out his site, worth a visit to the Terms and Conditions page, kinda funny.

By the way, if you wanted to buy a spot... he is sold out till September 2009!

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