Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cheers to sharing

Having a winemaker for a boyfriend is pretty cool. I’ve learnt a bit about wine, sampled some special drops and travelled to places I wouldn’t have gone to before so Mr Winemaker can chat with other winemakers about their product.

Which has led me to write this…

All of the winemakers we’ve met – some with decades of experience, some with a few years - share their methods and welcome other winemakers (their competitors) into their farms, factories and cellars to discuss their product and how it was made. Winemakers from across the country come together for conferences to discuss single varieties and share with each ways to do it better and groups have formed within wine regions that collectively help to market their wines. There is a surprising lack of secrets in this industry and a level of collaboration that I don’t think we’ll ever see in the world of marketing, advertising and media.

Imagine a strategist from another media agency asking if they can come over and have a look at some of our most recent work, discuss our process, where we get our insights and how we presented the end product!

Imagine if we shared our processes and approaches with PR or media partners? Maybe if they adopted similar ways to focus their activities we’d see more synergies. And why not give them access to our process? We know most media agencies have a process, our only difference is how we use it and to what extent.

Imagine presenting media recommendations to the guys writing the ads before we went to clients…what could happen if we went down this road? Perhaps we’d see stronger, more exciting ideas and more accountable approaches. It might even make for more enjoyable team work…sounds okay doesn’t it?

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Rob Pyne said...

Nice post. I like bringing in alternative approaches from other industries. We do get too competitive sometimes in advertising!