Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Future’s Looking Inventful

Prospection: The act of looking forward in time is quintessentially human nature. We are by definition, the only living animal that looks into the future, thus making evolution dominant in our existence.

Our quest for advancement and innovation is an integral part of human behaviour, and thus pushes us to think more creatively and place emphasis on idea generation.

Alan Key was quoted to say “the best way to predict the future is too invent it” and if Google has any prediction status it seems the ad industry is evolving online.

As I’m sure many of you are aware Google has extended the Adwords platform to TV [it also does print and radio].

TV ads allow you to plan and buy a TV schedule based on station and daypart. Alternatively it will create an optimised TV schedule for you based on your desired demographic.

You can buy TV like you buy Adwords, setting daily impression and budget targets, and monitor your delivery, getting results the next day.

If you don't have an ad, it connects you to the
Google Ad Creation Marketplace, which connects advertisers directly to production companies.

Check out:

The generation gap is extending daily. Kid’s experiences with media are far more removed from our days of cartoons and cubby houses. Rupert Murdoch refers to us as Digital Migrants, our younger counterparts however, are Digital Natives. They have never known a life without broadband internet access, interactive online entertainment activities and social networking opportunities. For the first time ever a generation is in control of how it experiences ideas and ultimately is creating their own media landscape.

As the media industry continues to evolve and grow new channels of delivery and execution, we must ensure we are on the forefront of ideas. As Digital Migrants we must not make the mistake of our predecessors and try to impose our culture, experiences and knowledge, we must keep up with the pace, monitor, learn and embrace this new race. The future is open to ideas, so grab your visa and let’s get inventing!

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Rob Pyne said...

Google's TV Ads application quite impressed me. The only think it can't do is proper Reach and Frequency. Yet another example of them tapping the long tail - this will be perfect for small scale advertisers, but not as useful for big advertisers.