Monday, March 16, 2009

Set the VRC - The Gruen Transfer returns Wednesday, 9pm, ABC1

The Gruen Transfer - the show that has almost made advertising an acceptable profession to the public - makes a welcome return on Wednesday, with an in-depth discussion of the Tourism Australia strategy. Another winner from the show is Foxtel (OMD, Sydney), with a price-based ad for the subscription TV company generating approval from the panel for its strategy and execution.

Also from Aunty is The Making of Modern Australia where people from all around Australia are being invited to tell their personal stories online in a vibrant history project that will also become a documentary series on ABC TV.As both a broadband project and TV series, The Making of Modern Australia will be an unofficial people’s history, with individuals and families sharing their stories of life in Australia since 1945.By logging onto, people can upload their stories through photos, home movies, live webcams, sound recordings and text.To help people tell their stories, The Making of Modern Australia site is user-friendly with plenty of tips on storytelling and uploading material, as well as inspiring examples.
We will keep an eye on this project as it could be a great way to uncover insights into Australians.

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