Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Thinking for Small Spaces

When Ikea arrived in New York it wanted to make a big noise in the city that never sleeps. For the opening of its first store in the city, it tapped into New Yorkers’ pride in their local landmarks, combined with its traditional focus on affordability and recognition of small space living.

Four 20’x20’ pop-up room settings were fitted and furnished with Ikea products, giving the public a taste of what they could experience in-store. These living room-sized boxes were erected in busy outside spaces: Union Square, Borough Hall Plaza, Brooklyn Public Library and Cadman Plaza.
Other media used included bus kings, pizza delivery boxes, phone kiosks, guerrilla media, direct mail and even wrapping the buses and water taxis that transport visitors to the Ikea store.
No results from this campaign yet, but a really simple and effective way to bring the staple collateral of self-assembly boxes, which Ikea is well known for as an integral part of the media mix.

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