Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jamie's Fowl Dinner Gets Results

If you didn’t watch it, no doubt you would have heard about Jamie Oliver’s Fowl Dinners. This is the show where he killed baby chickens in front of a shocked studio audience in a bid to get people to choose free range eggs and chicken over factory farmed product.
If you didn’t see, it here’s what all the fuss is about: In the opening scenes of the show, he asked members of his audience to separate the male from the female chicks on their tables. With this he put the male chicks to death by suffocation, demonstrating what happens at chicken farms to the non-egg laying member of the species.
Of course his audience members were upset, and the RSPCA condemned his slaughter of the chicks. But Jamie defended his actions, saying …”if seeing some of the practices helps to change the shopping habits of just 5 per cent of people watching, then it will be worth it.”
Jamie would have known that he was going to piss of animal rights groups and alienate some of his audience. But bravery won out in the end. After the program aired in Britain sales of factory farmed chickens dropped by 10 million units within weeks and sales of free range eggs increased by a third. Amazing results for this one off stunt and more than what he was hoping for I’m sure.

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