Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rolf Harris - Kazoo or Hero?

What a man is our Rolf. Just been put into the ARIA hall of fame at the spritely age of 78 and I have to say I am thrilled. I always felt that Rolf was treated a bit like a kazoo in Australia..... you know, an amusingly goofy ole thing that we bring out for a bit of a laugh but not worthy of any real recognition. Well hats off to Rolf.

Some might say that he's a bit on the side of cheese and admittedly those who know me will appreciate I am a big fan of gorgonzola but at a glance here's a few things you may not have known about our Rolf:

-The Beatles sang backing vocals on the original recording of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
-He played the didgeridoo on a Kate Bush album
-He had never heard Stairway to Heaven before he covered it for the Andrew Denton compilation in 1993
-He has been awarded a CBE (Order of the British Empire)
-He has also been awarded an AM (Order of Australia)
-He painted the queen for her 80th birthday
-He has his own customised Google page that you can download with a changing Australian landscape
-There are 509 YouTube videos referencing him

I think what amazes me about Rolf is he is one of those characters who simplifies what to most of us that which seems out of reach. He's a passionate artist but talks about it in a way that engages everyman, he's a highly successful musician but if you've got 2 arms and a bit of board... well, you are half way there too. I think behind the buffoonery is a great man and there is a good lesson i belive worth noting from the guy who refers to himself as a lucky amateur: keeping stuff simple is a great way to engage.
Click on the image to hear Rolf and the Beatles jammin'

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