Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Psychic Experience

On Friday night in the pub we were chatting about Psychics, and two of my girl-friends said they'd been to one in Manly who was good (85% accurate they said!). In the spirit of our recent creativity training, I decided to put my long-held skepticism to the side and dive in. Why not try something new to stimulate my creative brain? So I went to the Psychic and when I showed up they said I had to make an appointment (insert your own joke here e.g. didn't they know you were coming?).

So you ask: did Melita the Psychic change my life and my opinion of the supernatural? If I tell you that half way through the session I stopped to ask Melita, "Am I giving off enough energy?" you'll quickly guess that she didn't win me over. I honestly started open-minded but she was so far off / vague that I couldn't suspend my disbelief any longer.

In the style of the 7 show The One I give you the hits and misses:-

A relative with the middle name James
A new project coming up which is going to involve a bit of Payne (then again she might have meant pain?)
I'm going to the Blue Mountains soon

I went fishing with my dad or grandad a lot when I was young
I'm frustrated in my job (although I did have a frustrating day Monday)
I go to the casino with my friend Will

I will buy property when I'm 37 or 38
I will find everything I want in reverse order but I need to be patient
I need to focus on communication and tell the girl in my life what I want out of our relationship

What did I learn from this experience? First, it's absolutely true that the more, different things you try, the better you will be at having rounded perspective and good ideas. Second, you can make $90 an hour making stuff up (and I honestly reckon I could do her job as well as she did). Third, never trust a psychic who asks for payment in advance and who starts calling you Robert when your real name is Robin! Doh.

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trudi said...

Hey Rob but did it stimulate your creativity at all even though you left feeling robbed?