Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting won over!

Following on from a couple of posts, Retailtainment & Banksy, this is a simple little story about a recent retail experience of mine.

Borders, the big book baron, has infiltrated lots of shopping strips and centres and are obviously taking sales from the somewhat little-er guys that I’ve always shopped at like Dymocks and small independent book shop, Readings. Always one to go for the underdog, I don’t tend to shop at Borders.

On this occasion, I wanted to buy my loved one a copy of a book called Wall & Piece…a book of mystery man Banksy’s graffiti art.

I find myself in a shopping strip with only Borders and Dymocks to choose from. With my head held high, I head for Dymocks first. The 80’s style peach d├ęcor and times new roman font directing me to the Art section make me feel I’m doing the right thing by shopping here; they clearly need the cash to renovate. With no luck in the art section, I ask Kaye, the mid-40’s shop assistant dressed in a striped Dymocks shirt and gold name badge, if she can help me with my request. She asks her trusty computer if the book is in the shop, tries a few different ways of spelling Banksy, but they don’t have it, never have..."Sorry, can't help you love".
I shield my identity as I walk into Borders. The shop is huge, nice fit out and lots of bookish looking people man the registers. On the lower floor I find my section and start the search. Nothing! I approach one of the female staff and search for her name badge. Nothing! I ask her if she can help me find a book about Banksy…cutting me off she says “Ah, Wall & Piece…sorry we’ve sold out, but I'm happy to order that in for you. It will take up to two weeks to get here, and we can call you when it arrives, or get it sent to another store if you like. But if you’re into Banksy, what about this….”
I could go on, but you get the picture. I’m sold. Good old fashioned service, friendly, knowlegable staff and a good range has got me going back to Borders next time I’m shopping for a book. Pretty simple stuff really!

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