Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't decide what to decide

we've all been there; you need to make a decision but seem to lack to ability. Most of the time it isn't remotely important...should I have toast or muesli for breakfast or should I go to the gym or sit on my arse but there's always a load of other more important dilemmas that seem equally tricky... should I apologise for calling my mate a stinky monkey arse or possibly something in the form of whether I should go out for my 3rd cousin twice removed's birthday or go on a super hot date ....sound familar?

Procrastinate no longer people - your new decision making advisor has arrived in the form of Hunch.

Put simply, imagine Hunch is a new friend. Over time, Hunch gets to know you by digesting all the answers you submit to Hunch's endless questions. It gets likened to an extensive personality test that ends up helping you make real decisions.

Hunch was invented by Flickr's founder Caterina Fake and in Hunch's own words 'was started by clever folks who were exploring how machine learning could be used to guide practical decision-making.' This is crowd sourcing made personal

As for advertising... well, indeed you may find yourself referred to a retailer weblink but it does feel like a natural referral and supposedly Hunch don't use advertiser funding to skew their results.

Anyway, I am off to see what Hunch thinks I should eat for lunch...

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