Friday, April 3, 2009

Kmart's Search for a Super Saver

Its not that often that you see the big retailers in Australia doing interesting things with their communications, so when I found this ad for Kmart's search for a Super Saver, I thought it would be worth commenting on.
They're looking for a tightarse basically "...if you're puse strings are tied tighter than your kids shoelaces..."(and who won't be this year?) to blog for Kmart and give other consumers their secrets on shopping and saving and they get $500 in vouchers each month to do it . Not a bad deal if you're the winner....not to mention Kmart, who get cheap talent for their brand for a few months. What I also like about this idea is that their blog can act as a barometer of consumers' thoughts and feelings towards shopping, value and saving that Kmart can begin to tailor their communications around...not to mention a great way to actually launch sales & offers.
There will probably be some interesting commentry from consumers for us to keep an eye on, so here's the link to join the super saver community:


Rob Pyne said...

Nice work from Kmart.

Check out a related idea we're doing for St.George here:

It's all bout everyday financial tips, and we came up with it along with OMD digital.

David D. said...

Must be the flavour of the month. Channel 9 are launching a new program in the back half called Money for Jam
Hosted by Effie Zahos and Paul Clitheroe, Money For Jam is a show with saving & money-making tips.
Each week they will follow 3 people who are on a mission to make more money.
As they put it in their PR "Times are tough and all the experts keep telling us we should save. But who wants to give up their mid-morning cappuccino or Friday night’s pizza to save just a few dollars a day?"