Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A renters market

Stumbled across this little beauty the other day.... RENTOID... the person to person renting market.

I realise we are currently discovering a new frugal culture but sensible can be ticked off here as I probably can't park a private jet in my back yard and there's only the odd occasion I really feel I need a pair of ornamental testicles worn over my jeans so it all seems very sensible to head to Rentoid.

Jokes aside, there's probably a few good reasons why this could work well in this current market:

  1. A bit of extra cash if you have gear you don't need to use daily
  2. A handy place to go if you are looking for something and don't need it permanently
  3. In their own blurb, is a small bonus for mother earth as you could be helping to prevent another 'thing' being made that might just sit in the storage cupboard
My favourite listing is this one:

Rent and altered state of consciousness

Get a group of friends together to a maximum of 8 and I'll come to your place and guide you through a group breathwork session (you will breath in a special way until your state of consciousness changes and you experience an acid trip without the acid).

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